Quality Wheels are rolling from Veenendaal al over the world.

Colson Europe B.V. is part of the Colson Group. The world's largest manufacturer and supplier of wheels and casters. We distinguish ourselves through our excellent product quality, reliability and service. Colson continuously invests in research and product innovation. As a result, we are able to provide almost every application with the right wheel.

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Our complete range of quality wheels.


Colson has for every application the right wheel.

In many cases, wheels and casters do what they have to do easy rolling! The need for a better solution, only arises in demanding conditions. This could be: a heavy load, intensive use, bumpy floors, frequent high pressure cleaning or a combination of these conditions.

This website guides you in an easy manner to the right wheel  for your application.

We also offer stainless steel castors,  for example for the food industry. Or special antistatic castors for (medical) analyze equipment. And what about trolleys which enter cold stores at -30° Celsius or bakery ovens with temperatures up to 300° Celsius? We offer customized solutions for any application static or dynamic intensive use from 40 kg up to 30 tons load weight!

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Logistica 2019

Also this year you can find us in in Utrecht again at the Logistica. This exhibition will take place from 5 to 7 November 2019. You can visit us at booth number 04-A031. If you would like to make an appointment for the exhibition, you can contact us by info@colson-europe.com or +31 (0) 318-536611. We look forward to welcome you at our stand.


Image Logistica 2019

Bakkersvak Gorinchem 2020

Ook dit jaar kunt u ons vinden in Gorinchem op de Bakkersvak beurs. Deze vindt plaats van 10 t/m 12 maart 2020. U kunt ons bezoeken op standnummer C117. Mocht u graag een afspraak willen maken voor op de beurs, dat kan via info@colson-europe.com.com of +31(0)318-536611. We verwelkomen u graag op onze stand.

Image Bakkersvak Gorinchem 2020