Get your equipment flexible in motion with us

The Ground (floor) conditions, the total weight of the equipment, the type of tire and the bearing type, may all be of influence on the resistance to get your equipment into motion and are also of influence on the maneuverability.

The Ground (floor) conditions

On a hard surface (floor), we use soft castors and vice versa. castors used in homes, offices and businesses require different product profiles. Of course no one wants stripes on carpets or in your office / home. Besides maintaining the bottom (floor), the castors must also meet quality requirements such as resistance to chemicals, oil, temperature, aging and storage.

Surface pressure

Floors in particular when thresholds are involved will be heavily loaded by wheels. The maximum surface pressure is therefore an important factor (unit: N / mm2). The value must always be below the allowable surface pressure of the carpet so that it is protected. The heaver the load, the wider and larger the wheels must be. Soft wheel materials and large wheel tread widths reduce the maximum surface pressure, but, reduce the maneuverability of the equipment.

Assessing the resistance to start and Roll

Wheels do not automatically move. They should be put in motion. The (starting) resistance of stationary equipment must be overcome, to get it in motion. The force required for this depends on various factors, such as load, the wheel diameter, material of the wheel, the bearing, the offset radius and the structure of the underground (floor). Other criteria that are important: Different types of bearing in the swivel head, the raceway and diameter of the ball bearings.

Stripes or "chalking"

Stripes or "Chalking" is called the discoloration of particles through the tyre. This is a physical process that occurs in elastic tires and can hardly be avoided. The stripes "Chalking" can be removed with ordinary household cleaners, for example from, PVC, rubber and stone floors.

Staining or discoloration

Leaving tracks (stripes) is not always advisable. A clear example of this is when you leave a black rubber tyre long on a light carpet. This is the so-called contact discoloration. In order to prevent this side effect high quality rubber and high quality electrical conductive tires are being manufactured without contact discoloration. Also aggressive detergents or unpaved terrain can have a negative affect on staining. If you need more information, please let us know!