Without obstacles towards the goal

Beside the ground conditions, the load capacity is one of the most important selection criteria for wheels and castors. In order to be able to determine the load capacity, the following variables must be known:

• The weight of the equipment
• The maximum weight of the load or load capacity
• The number of wheels, which will be applied

A wheel should always be in contact with the floor (underground), this however rarely the case, for example caused by bumps or holes in the floor. Because of that the total weight ends up on three wheels and increases the load per wheel or castor. Therefore, it is necessary to divide the total load by three wheels instead of four, in order to end up at a safe load capacity. We use the following formula. The specified load capacity applies to normal operating conditions and a speed of 4 km/h. At higher or lower temperatures than specified and higher speeds or very poor floor conditions, a correction factor for the load capacity must be applied.